Services we provide

Interstate or from out of town?

Are you concerned that you have found the right vehicle for yourself and are too far away from our dealership and that you will need to take time off work and plan your travels to arrange to pick up your new vehicle? Do not fret as we have transport companies on hand to personally deliver the vehicle to your local area and in most cases straight to your doorstep. All vehicles transported come with insurance and a secure tracking number which you can log onto the transport companies website and track your vehicle to see exactly where it is. We have sent many vehicles all over the country including Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Melbourne, Far North Queensland and many regional New South Wales areas.

Extended Warranties

Looking for a quality pre-owned motor vehicle and you have concerns about the warranty that you receive for your vehicle. We can offer your vehicle anywhere from 12 months through to 5 years Extended mechanical protection plan warranties which also includes 12 months free roadside assistance with unlimited claims and your choice of repairer with the added bonus of Australia wide coverage. The majority of extended warranties available throughout dealerships in Australia are underwritten by that dealer which means that you MUST take the vehicle back to them for servicing which they charge you an arm and a leg for and also if there is a warranty issue. If you are interstate on holidays you still have to take it back to them to get it serviced. With our warranties as long as the vehicle is serviced by a qualified licensed mechanic anywhere in Australia, you have the peace of mind that no matter where you are situated or where your travels may take you that your motor vehicle is covered.